Here are reflections on Reverse Ghost, as experienced IRL

Love the chipper narrator and music, a haunting quality. The telling of atrocities sets a stark tone for this unassuming afternoon. I am haunted, by choice, by participating in the reverse ghost walk. haunted by the pace of the music which sets my own rhythm. Gridded out, orderly in sequence and yet each of these purple square is fractured, fragmented, independent with a storied past, it seems of choices made and lost

Confusion in time by way of my ghostly guide and in the here and now, as i look longingly for the described site. This road sign will suffice for the difficulties i faced in both physical and acoustic space, an empty sign and rich signifier

the music is haunting and strange, sometimes lost in the mix of urban noise. "your actions and inactions haunt the future" the tone of the ghost guide is reminiscent of the bot produced earlier this semester! I search for the dog's spectre but cannot find it. I look for toys, think about canines and the weird fate of this seashell consuming dog, what an image! I park this ghost dog here, presuming i cannot see it because its daytime and its a ghost:

I am haunted by this little boy now. I can locate only an advertisement on the neighboring building. Not exactly "the image of your being transposed" but in immediate offers an uncanny sight. Music swells and I exit. As i walk back to my car I notice spatial narratives, ghosts in place. The spatial history in architecture : To go to other reviews of Spatial Narratives!