Here are reflections on Binal Nightwalk, as experienced via Google Earth and headphones Not quite sure where to start, the specific coordinates are not designated. Already the God’s eye view of Google Earth alienates or estranges scope as the dual voices, in headphones, counter with intimate conversation space. I want to move at my own pace but am reminded through interaction that street view is not part of me. The prompts are based on street signs and upon hearing 'Glisan', i set out on my journey. Google Earth offers travel on the street, but is relegated to the POV of a car. Walking through park blocks is where I want to rather be but jogging over to the park I cannot. I do manage to look into the trees for shrapnel.

Here's a view of the trees, watch out for debris!:

Acoustic space is unnervingly quiet in this mode, reminding me of mediation. Google Earth seriously glitched out and i was disoriented, the narrative was shifting into ominous hints of ‘them’ and the glitched images were useful in this way for augmenting the experience.

By the time the dual/duel experiences kick in i am regrettably distracted by loss of orientation on screen and lack of particular coordinates in audio There is mention of splash bar which pulls on my memory of the neighborhood generally and so i find myself moving around street view trying to find splash bar as i would while on foot, rather than the more obvious option to search Google Earth. This is an interesting quality of immersion via the audio, it hides the remediation process to an extent. The intensity of the audio asserts a sense of place conveyed in story and i focus on whatever i can see or do that corroborates that experience.

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